Empire of Byzantine, Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus Zoe Bronze Follis Coin

Obverse: Facing busts of Constantine VII, beardless, on left, wearing loros, and Zoe, on right, wearing chlamys, both crowned and holding long patriarchal cross between them

Obverse legend: “COnStAnt' CE ZOH b”
Reverse: text in five lines
Reverse legend: “+CONS / τAnτInO' / CЄ ZOH bA / SILIS RO / mЄOn”
Denomination: follis
Mint: Constantinople
Country: Empire of Byzantine
Ruler: Constantine VII Porphyrogennetos
Year: 914-919
Metal: bronze
Weight approx.: 5.24 g
Diameter approx.: 24mm
Authenticity unconditionally guaranteed !
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