529 AD Sasanian Empire Drachm Kavadh I Coin Silver Second Reign


Obverse: A bust of the king facing right. He wears a three-toothed crown with a crescent in front.
Obverse legend: kdy kw ' t-Kay-Kawad
Reverse: In the center there is an altar with a blazing fire.
Reverse legend:
Edge: plain
Country: Sasanian Empire
Ruler: Kavad I (473 – 13 September 531) was the Sasanian King from 488 to 531, with a two or three-year interruption.
Denomination: Drachm
Mint: AV
Year: 529 AD Regnal year: 19
Metal: Silver
Weight ±: 4.03 g.
Diameter ±: 28 mm
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