268 – 271 A.D. Gallic Empire Victorinus Coin Antoninianus Southern Mint


Obverse: Radiate, Draped and Cuirassed, bust of Victorinus facing right
Obverse legend: “IMP C VICTORINVS PF AVG”
Reverse: Providentia standing left, holding Baton and Cornucopiae, Globe at foot
Reverse legend: “PROVIDENTIA AVG”
Country: Gallic Empire
Ruler: Victorinus - Emperor of the Gallic Empire (Imperium Galliarum). Marcus Piavonius Victorinus was emperor in the Gallic provinces from 268 to 271
Denomination: Antoninianus
Mint: Southern
Year: 268 - 271 A.D.
Metal: Bronze
Weight ±: 1.89 g.
Diameter ±: 19.71 mm
Authenticity unconditionally guaranteed!

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