246-222 BC Ptolemy III Tetrobol Coin Ptolemaic kings of Egypt Alexandria Mint Series 4


Obverse: Head of Zeus-Ammon facing right.
Obverse legend:
Reverse: Ptolemaic eagle standing on lightning bolts, facing left, looking over shoulder to right. Behind, a cornucopia. Monogram between Eagle's legs.
Edge: plain
Denomination: Tetrobol
Country: Egypt
Mint: Alexandria, Egypt (Series 4)
Ruler: Ptolemy III Euergetes (280 – November/December 222 BC) was the third pharaoh of the Ptolemaic dynasty in Egypt from 246 to 222 BC.
Year: 246-222 BC
Metal: Bronze
Weight ± 47.75 g
Diameter ± 38 mm
Authenticity unconditionally guaranteed!

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