100 - 128 Tetradrachm Ancient India Coin Kushan Vima Kadphises

Obverse: King standing left, altar and trident on left; club and tamgha on right. Greek legend.
Reverse: Shiva standing facing, holding trident; and the bull, right. Nandipada symbol in left field. Karosthi legend.
Reverse legend: “MAHARAJASA RAJADIRAJASA SARVALOGA ISVARASA MAHISVARASA VIMA KATHPHISASA TRADARA” Translate: The Great king, the king of kings, lord of the World, the Mahisvara (lord of the earth), Vima Kathphisa, the defender.
Edge: plain
Denomination: Tetradrachm
Country: Ancient India Kushan
Ruler: Vima Kadphises was a Kushan emperor from approximately 90–100 CE. According to the Rabatak inscription, he was the son of Vima Takto and the father of Kanishka.
Year: 100-128
Metal: cooper
Weight ± 16.22 g.
Diameter ± 27 mm
Authenticity unconditionally guaranteed!
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